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tao + saloma

Tao + Saloma Liver + Gallbladder Wash

Tao + Saloma Liver + Gallbladder Wash

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cleanses & restore liver/gallbladder function High-potency herbal formula to cleanse, detoxify and protect the liver and gallbladder. With more than 500 functions (I know, right?!), one of the primary roles includes the neutralizing and elimination of toxic chemicals from the body. Hormonal conversions, cholesterol, and testosterone (among other things) are all synthesized in the liver. With that said, a congested, rarely cleansed liver will result in sub-optimal health! The Liver Wash not only purifies and cleanses a stagnant liver and gallbladder but also helps protect the liver from damage with consistent use. + potent yet gentle detoxification + works in tandem with The Colon Wash + aids conditions like fatty liver dis-ease, cirrhosis, and viral liver dis-eases + alleviates respiratory issues like allergies & asthma + facilitates overall health due to toxin reduction and improved metabolic processes + helps detoxify excess hormones like cholesterol, estrogen, and testosterone


• Made in United States • Ingredients: Proprietary blend: Cornsilk*, Hydrangea root*, Nettle leaf*, Parsley leaf*, Dandelion leaf*, Mullein leaf* *Organic


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