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beauty made by nature, powered by science, created for all

we believe that healthy and beautiful skin comes from the power of nature.

Clean Beauty + Makeup

Discover the essence of clean beauty with our meticulously curated collection of... 

Magic Mushroom Skincare

Mushrooms have been used as a traditional medicine for centuries. They are... 

Balancing your hormones starts here:

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  • Intentional

    Each product we make starts with the intention of creating something that is innovative and powerful. Every time there is a new idea on the table, we assess whether or not it will make a positive impact.

  • Mindful

    We then make mindful decisions as we formulate our products to make sure that each ingredient works synergistically as a whole, nutritive and healthy skin solution.

  • Sustainable

    Each product is then packaged in sustainable and recyclable containers that help keep the world a more beautiful place with minimized carbon footprint and recycling our containers.

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