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Tao + Saloma Breathe Lung Tonic

Tao + Saloma Breathe Lung Tonic

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deeply restorative respiratory formula This is it! Finally, an effective all-natural herbal formula for all types of respiratory issues. The herbs combined in this formula gently yet thoroughly loosen and dislodge phlegm, while simultaneously calming painful or annoying coughs. This remedy also soothes the mucous membranes and helps improve lung function, whether you are dealing with an acute respiratory issue, chronic cough, or are working to improve your lung health after a history of cigarette smoking. + Relieves congestion + Calms cough reflexes + Improves immunity + Soothing to the lungs and tissue + Aids restful sleep during illness + Ideal for acute and chronic respiratory issues Vegan | Small-batch | Cruelty-Free Available in: 2 oz. and 4 oz. dropper bottle


• Ingredients: Proprietary blend: Elecampane root*, Mullein leaf*, Astragalus root, Horehound*, Peppermint leaf*, Lobelia*, Plantain leaf*, Wild Cherry bark*

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