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tao + saloma

Tao + Saloma Blood + Lymph Wash

Tao + Saloma Blood + Lymph Wash

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flushes the bloodstream & lymphatic system This unique formula contains herbs that have been used for millennia for their wide array of cleansing and balancing properties like removing phlegm, purifying the liver, supporting healthy blood pressure, and more. The lymphatic system, technically a part of the cardiovascular system, does not have its own “pump,” and therefore needs to be activated in order to allow for detoxification (removal of toxins/pathogens from the body). Another way we can activate lymph/waste is through movement that induces sweating. This naturally helps remove waste, but sometimes the body needs extra help. + Cleans blood and lymphatic glands + Improves skin issues like dermatitis and eczema (may worsen temporarily before getting better) + Supports liver health + Rich in minerals Vegan | Small-batch | Cruelty-Free Available in: 2 oz. and 4 oz. dropper bottle


• Ingredients: Proprietary blend: Beet root*, Blue Flag*, Yellow Dock*, Burdock root*, Black Cumin seed*, Red Clover flower*, Plantain leaf*, Cayenne pepper *Organic

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