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tao + saloma

Tao + Saloma Bittersweet: Digestive Bitters

Tao + Saloma Bittersweet: Digestive Bitters

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the digestive tonic Stimulate your body's production of digestive enzymes with our Digestive Bitters oral spray. A super convenient way to assist digestion and assimilation of nutrients, while fending off nasty bugs that often make their way into the digestive tract. Not only are you aiding easier digestion but you are also combating viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can harm the gut's ecosystem. This is an amazing product to use when your tummy feels upset or you feel like you're "coming down with something." Adults: Take 8-12 sprays in the mouth before meal Children: Take 4-6 sprays in the mouth before meal + Stimulates secretion of body's digestive enzymes + Helps decrease viral replication in the body + Supports liver health + Helps remove yucky toxins from gut microbiome + May assist an antiparasitic protocol + Excellent for use as needed with upset stomach or food poisoning
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