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Molecular Perfume

MOLECULAR Perfume Sprays

MOLECULAR Perfume Sprays

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MOLECULAR Perfume Sprays

Experience the pure essence of nature with MOLECULAR Perfume Sprays. Crafted from all-natural ingredients, each spray embodies our clean scent promise, ensuring that you enjoy a refreshing and invigorating fragrance free from harmful chemicals. Our perfumes are meticulously formulated without phthalates or mutagens, making them a safe and healthy choice for your skin and the environment.

MOLECULAR Perfume Sprays offer a diverse range of captivating scents, each designed to evoke the beauty of the natural world. Whether you prefer floral, woody, or citrus notes, our collection provides a scent for every mood and occasion. Embrace the luxury of clean, guilt-free fragrance with MOLECULAR Perfume Sprays, and indulge in the confidence of knowing you're making a conscientious choice.

MOLECULAR Perfume Sprays Scent Profiles

No.72: Tonka Bean, Tuberose, Benzoin, Yuzu An enchanting blend of sweet and exotic notes, No.72 opens with the zesty brightness of yuzu, leading into a heart of creamy tuberose. The base is warm and comforting, with the rich, slightly spicy aroma of tonka bean and the resinous sweetness of benzoin, creating a truly captivating and balanced fragrance.

No.55: Violet, Galbanum, Coriander, Sandalwood No.55 is a sophisticated and green fragrance that starts with the fresh, leafy scent of galbanum and the floral elegance of violet. The spiciness of coriander adds an intriguing twist, while the smooth, woody base of sandalwood grounds the scent, making it both refreshing and deeply comforting.

No.22: Gardenia, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Mimosa Bright and uplifting, No.22 combines the lush, creamy floral notes of gardenia with the invigorating citrusy tang of lemongrass and sweet orange. Mimosa adds a delicate, honeyed nuance, resulting in a light, joyful fragrance perfect for any occasion.

No.99: Lavender, Vanilla, Sage, Frankincense No.99 is a calming and mystical blend, featuring the soothing aroma of lavender paired with the warm sweetness of vanilla. Sage lends a herbal, earthy depth, while frankincense adds a touch of ancient, resinous smoke, creating a serene and meditative scent experience.

No.29: Ginger Lily, Ho Wood, Oakmoss, Yuzu An intriguing fusion of spicy and woody notes, No.29 opens with the fresh zing of yuzu and the exotic spiciness of ginger lily. Ho wood brings a creamy, aromatic woody character, while oakmoss adds a deep, earthy undertone, making this fragrance both invigorating and grounding.

No.27: Patchouli, Vanilla, Rose, Citrus No.27 is a harmonious blend of earthy and sweet elements. The earthy, woody depth of patchouli is softened by the sweet, comforting notes of vanilla and the delicate, romantic scent of rose. A hint of citrus adds a bright, refreshing top note, making this a well-rounded and inviting fragrance.

No.26: Peony, Pink Pepper, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang Feminine and vibrant, No.26 features the lush, floral notes of peony complemented by the spicy zest of pink pepper. Vetiver introduces an earthy, grassy depth, while ylang ylang adds a sweet, exotic floral touch, resulting in a complex and alluring scent that exudes confidence and elegance.

Why Choose a Clean Fragrance? Choosing a clean fragrance like MOLECULAR Perfume Sprays means prioritizing your health and the environment. Conventional perfumes often contain synthetic chemicals such as phthalates and mutagens, which can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, and long-term health concerns. Our clean fragrances are free from these harmful ingredients, ensuring a safer, more natural alternative. By opting for MOLECULAR Perfume Sprays, you're supporting a commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, while enjoying the benefits of a pure, unadulterated scent experience.

Ingredients: Organic Perfumers Alcohol, Aqua, Essential oils and naturally derived fragrance*.

*from essential oils and natural plant isolates

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