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Aromatherapy Perfume Oil

Aromatherapy Perfume Oil

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Experience the benefits of aromatherapy with our roll-on perfume oils. Made without toxins or phthalates, our oils provide a natural and safe way to enhance your mood and well-being. Let the scientific expertise of aromatherapy help you relax and revitalize with each use.

Choose from the following blends:

  • Tourmaline Black Tourmaline Infused: Protect your energy and promote positivity with this powerful blend. Rich black tourmaline infuses the blend with grounding properties, complemented by notes of cleansing white sage, lavender, palo santo, sandalwood and bergamot for a revitalizing experience.

  • Gypsy Soul: Embark on a journey of self-discovery with this enchanting blend. Gypsy Soul captures the essence of free-spiritedness with notes of earthy patchouli, uplifting citrus, and grounding cedarwood, evoking a sense of wanderlust and adventure.

  • Deep Breath Headache Relief: Soothe away tension and discomfort with this calming blend. Infused with refreshing peppermint, soothing lavender, and relieving eucalyptus, melissa leaf and rosemary, Deep Breath offers a natural remedy for headaches and stress.

  • Unconditional Love Rose Quartz Infused: Open your heart to love and compassion with this enchanting blend. Delicate rose, gardenia, and warm vanilla create a harmonious bouquet, while rose quartz crystals infuse the blend with the energy of unconditional love.

  • Sacred Stress Relief: Find solace in moments of calm with this sacred blend. Sacred Stress Relief combines lavender, vanilla, frankincense, sage and mint to ease tension and restore inner peace.

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