loving your skin begins with exceptional self care

BGO Skin Spa was born from the premise that taking care of your skin isn't a luxury, but a necessity.

We wanted our space to be welcoming, open and available for anyone to come and experience our products in person and have a connection with our skincare professionals.

Our staff of professional estheticians, massage therapists and holistic professionals will help you destress, relax and feel better.

To book an appointment call us directly at 716-4583-3688 or click HERE to go to our booking site.

sustainable. intentional. mindful.

We believe in amazing skincare, crafted from the best ingredients that nature has to offer. BGO Beauty was created and founded by Medicinal Chemist, Kasia Bookmiller who believes in crafting products with high integrity actives, bioferments and natural plant extracts to help skin glow at every age.

Each product we make starts with an intention to create something exeptional for you to use. We then mindfully choose ingredients to begin the process of making every cream, serum. cleanser or lotion that makes them not only efficacious but good for you. Finally, we use sustainable methods of production and packaging to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce waste.

Start with products that not only keep your skin healthy and strong, but ones that help to keep the earth clean and beautiful as well.