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Fall collection gemstone candles

Fall collection gemstone candles

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The fall candle collection is back!   

sweater weather - pumpkin spiced latte meets hayrides and crisp fall leaves carnelian garnet

crystal ball - clean and light, fresh flowers and ozone, falling rain labradorite, aura quartz

bootleggers + gypsies- black tea mixed with apple, cream, maple, bourbon and chai spices. Topped with tea leaves and smokey quartz, citrine

shamen- sage, palo santo, lavender amethyst moss agate

ritual- lavender, cypress, rosemary, palo santo, white sage, rose petals, black tourmaline

speakeasy- gin and blood orange topped with carnelian and moss agate

fortune teller- black tea mixed with coconut and chai spices, tonka bean and honey. Topped with tea leaves and lapis lazuli citrine

witchy bitchy - frankincense, myrrh, rose with sage and rose petals

net wt 7oz, approximate burn time 60 hours.

Candle burning best practices: on the first burn allow candle to burn until the complete top is melted. This will ensure even burning and wax consumption. Trim wick between burnings. Gemstones can be collected out of the bottom of the jar after wax burns through.

FALL scents limited edition in luxury blend of soy + coconut wax - burns cleaner and without soot. Sustainable, recyclable vessels, phthalate free scents made with essential oils and prop 65 certified clean fragrances

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