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Magic Mushroom Cream or Gel Mask

Magic Mushroom Cream or Gel Mask

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When your skin needs a bit of magic, you turn to magic mushroom 💫🍄

This double masking system not only exfoliates and hydrates, it repairs and restores skin health.  

💫 use the Golden mask first to remove dead skin and texture gently without harsh mechanical skin damage.  

💫 follow with the restorative multitasking cream mask to replenish fresh skin and nutrify the micro biome.  

Magic Mushroom adaptogen potion multitasking mask is designed to help skin recover from stress, heavy toxin loads that can cause irritation and moisture loss from aging and dehydration.

Powered with 5 different mushroom extracts and ferments to help skin adapt, heal and work deeper into the skin biosphere. Partnered with probiotics for skin strengthening, fermented agave and hyaluronic acid for hydration and chia seed to rejuvenate cellular repair.

net wt 0.5oz/15 ml each mask

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