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lunar logic

Lunar Logic Rose Chai

Lunar Logic Rose Chai

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Calm + Restoration + Connection

A sensorial feast of rose petals and warm chai goodness softens the edges of the day and transports you to a place of deep relaxation and spirit connection. Sacred super herbs, earthy adaptogens, nootropics, and medicinal mushrooms blend seamlessly, removing barriers and blockages, allowing a higher state of consciousness worthy of this evening Superbrew.


+ Anxiety adaptogen support
+ Promotes deep relaxation and rest
+ Rejuvenating properties
+ Immune system support
+ Female tonic
+ Hormone balance support
+ Supports the nervous and digestive systems


Brew it with hot water, mylk, add it to a smoothie, or even bulletproof it to make it your own. Explore more possibilities below.

Your daily dose of medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens, superherbs, & nootropics in one brilliant cup.
ARTISAN FORMULA: *Rose petal powder, *Pitaya (Dragonfruit) powder, *Coconut cream powder, *Mesquite, *Ceylon Cinnamon, *Ginger Root powder, *Nutmeg, *Fennel, *Licorice Root powder, *Clove, *Shatavari Root powder, *Ashwagandha Root powder, *Red Reishi Mushrooms, Himalayan sea salt.

NO: Caffeine, fillers, or artificial flavors.

The Ritual
A powerful tonic for an anxious mind, FEMINISM Rose Chai Superbrew helps us achieve a deep state of rest, relaxes the body, and slows down high levels of energy. The intent behind this decadent formulation is to help us heal, restore, renew, and come back to ourselves. It's about cultivating a mindful practice, tapping into your own internal rhythms, and designing your inner life.

About an hour before bedtime, begin your tea making ritual by closing your eyes while taking a few deep breaths. Remove the lid from your Superbrew powder and breathe in the sweet aroma of rose petals and warm chai spices. As you warm your water or favorite mylk, take a few more deep breaths. This time, imagine the worries of the day floating up and away from you, leaving you with an uncluttered, calm mind. Blend and pour your brew before finding solace in your favorite resting place. Sip slowly, savoring the rich flavor and creamy goodness, relishing this peaceful, consciously connected ending to your day.
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